Sunday, April 5, 2009


Time goes by so quickly.   The year is almost over.  I only have four or five weeks of school left.  It's snowing outside today, and I'm inside making licorice root tea.   Two weeks and a couple days ago I was sitting at the beach in the Bahamas.   I got to swim with sharks, live for a week without carrying around a cellphone, I got play at the beach, do gymnastics, and be with people 24/7.  I was miserably sick with the flu, but it was wonderful.  I've come to realize just how much I like being around people.  I would rather be around people all the time than anything else.  I don't know why I ever went through with the bright idea to have an apartment to myself!  Next year I'll have a roommate or two, that's for sure!  Speaking of my apartment, here's a picture of it.  And I uploaded more pictures to my Flickr account, so click on one of the pictures down on the right and take a look!


timari said...

Fun pictures, Ty! Call me when you're done with the library - love you, -tim

Emily Star said...

Tyler! I am so sorry I didn't call you ever. It's going to happen. I like that yellow chair alot. I hope you are doing well. Talk to you soon. ~Em