Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Another year finished.  It feels good to be done and I'm really excited to be working at camp this summer.  I just got back from spending 10 days in Canada with a family that I've become good friends with this year.  I went up in the CN tower, took the subway, and de-stressed from school.
I'm still in Lincoln, and just enjoying my free time.  I've been having picnics, playing outside, riding my bike around town, reading, and playing rook.  The other day, while exploring downtown,  I found an unlocked door in a cool building that led to a hatch on the top of the building.  
Tonight I'm going to go to a Kindergarten graduation!  It'll be fun!


TaraB said...

Tyler! I'm stoked that you're coming to camp this summer!

I LOVE exploring and climbing old buildings...there's a bunch of old buildings in downtown Chattanooga that I always wanted to check out, a lot of them had locked doors though...

Matthew said...

This isn't matt, its Alicia by the way: someone has been busy! Well I am excited that another year is over too! And I'm moving again I think! So a new adventure in a new place, I don't know what I think about it though, it might be to the tri-cities, which is about an hour north of Walla Walla, and I don't have a job there yet, but I'm hoping I'll find one! It sounds like you have been up to your old mischief, of course : ) I tried climbing a tree the other day but my arms a too scrawny now, no luck getting to the top, hee hee : ). Anyways I hope that you have a most excellent day, and are enjoying your long weekend! : )