Monday, September 28, 2009

Oh, Prosperous Night

It was a prosperous night. Every Monday night, after I'm done with gymnastics, I go for a bike ride. Why Monday? Well, you see, Monday is trash day in the surrounding Lincoln area. Why at night? Well, I need the cover of darkness to go through people's trash. It's as simple as that. I'm really keen on going through people's things and uncovering interesting tchotchkes in the trash. It's completely invigorating and exhilarating to me.
Tonight I found a wrought iron coffee table stand, two silk ferns, a glass dish and an old letter.
The letter was written to Jack, from Gram (Grandma). Not my grandma, but Jack's. When I read it I felt like I was the recipient, like Gram just wrote the wrong name at the top and in the address line. She told me I was a good young man, to forgive myself for the mistakes made and move on. She advised me to do the best I can and make good choices, and to say my prayers before I go to sleep.
It was a hearty letter, with sound advice: forgive yourself, move on, start again, and make God a priority.

other finds: new headboard and little table


Hannah said...

I think that letter is the most awesome bit of your post. Can't wait for the next grand tour of your apartment.

p.s. I have something for you, if you want it. Don't you just love garage-sale inspired surprises?

Heather said...

I'm impressed. You're so thrifty.

Nicholas said...

you are my cleanest homeless friend.

Hillary and Kati said...

This made me smile when I read this blog entry.
It is just like camp. Always going through other peoples stuff. ha ha
O how fun!!
Sounds like you had some good finds... especially the letter I love that.
Well I hope your doing well my friend!

Timari said...

Love the headboard. Very neat. Remind me to lock up my garbage shed when you come to visit. The letter was very good - would you like me to call you Jack? That's a nice name. Is it legal to go through people's trash?

Ashley said...

I know someone with tons of great furniture found on the curb. Way to be resourceful!

TaraB said...

You are one of a kind, my friend. I'm proud to know you.

Emily Star said...

hahahha .... i am wearing emily-beth bonds sanuks that i found in lost in found after everyone had gone home for the summer. i will give them back to her when I see her....really i rescued them....didn't steal them! :) This is so fun! ~Emily